Mobile Base

Mobile Base in tegrates the robot, controller and TeachPendant to allow Various apparatuses such as pallet and laser scanner can be installed, and various storage.

Dimension 850(W) X 600(D) X 825(H) mm
Weight 166 kg
Material Top Plate ‒ Stainless Steel
Compatible Robot Models M0609 / M0617 / M1013 / M1509

Dress Pack

Dress Pack organizes various cables connected to the end tools of the robot allowing efficient operation.
Integrated conduit backet and holder ensures convenient organization, and it is easy to attach/detach and relocate on the robot.

Configuration/Model M0609 / M1013 / M1509 M0617
Conduit 1EA (3M) 1EA (3M)
Dress Kit 3 EA 4 EA
Color Black, White Black, White
Conduit Size Φ23, Φ29 Φ23, Φ29

Robot Jacket

Robot Jacket protects robot from contamination by liquids used during cutter support work, etc. Doosan robot to maintain optimum operation conditions.

Full Cover Jacket

Head Cover Jacket



1560 mm
1840 mm


2240 mm


2100 mm

305 mm

Material Spandex & carbon Fiber
Color Navy
Thickness 0.55 ± 0.02mm
Protected Range Liquid such as water and paint

Smart Vision Module

Plug & Produce type vision sensor directly mountable on a robot end flange. It offers measurement of position, angle, diameter and length, and can be put into variety of vision applications. Optimized design for Doosan Robot enables easy & quick installation, and all settings are managed in Teach Pendant.

Dimension 92mm(W) X 132mm(D) X 25.6mm(H)
Weight 348 g
Camera CMOS 2.5M pixel (1920 X 1440)
Lens Focal length 3.4mm View angle 75˚
Light White LED X 2ea (800lux @ WD500mm)
Communication TCP/IP, 100Mbps
Power 24W (24V, 1A)

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